Unique Trade A.Ş. is based in Istanbul/Turkey as a subsidiary of Ozgur Metal A.S , which is established in 1990 by Koksal Oncel, whom has an experience in steel manufacturing sector since 1975 as a CEO/Partner of the biggest Turkish steel mill group at that time.

Ozgur Metal A.S was founded in order to supply local market with reinforcing bars , wire rods , merchant bars and also supply local market by importing steel billets and flat steel products from CIS countries.In a short while Ozgur Metal A.S. developed a great success in local market and dominated market as a stockist by supervising 3 steel mills at the same time.

Ozgur Metal A.S s yearly sales reached up to 90.000 tonnes with a 42.000.000 USD turnover.Further references could be obtained from Akbank-Anadolubank-Yapı Kredi bank and also from the ministry of commerce.Ozgur Metal A.S is awarded many medals from the ministry of commerce by paying highest income tax in its sector.

By the developments in the global market , Ozgur Metal A.S established Unique Trade A.Ş. to reach new horizons in different countries by supplying quality products at right prices with the experience of 37 years. Unique Trade A.Ş. brings you beneficial advantages of marketing,processing,logistics,financing and supervising.

We have a wide variety of products which we can gladly supply you from TTT which is another group company supplying you with Turkish products and Unique Trade A.Ş. supplying you with Chinese and Indian products.

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