Elevator Systems

Our Turkish partner OMSAN has been supplying elevator components and complete elevator systems since 1975. In 1999, they established a 7,500m2 factory which enabled them to produce cabin, frame, suspension, counterweight frame, brackets and steel works under ISO 9001 certification.


As time passed, company continued to invest in its operations and launched Flex MRL- a complete machine room-less elevator with a capacity of 320-2500 kg which can serve at different speeds. Thanks to our partner’s 550 m2 painting line, company can offer our customers special designs. The company can also offer machine room elevators up to 2,5 mps and hydraulic solutions.

In addition to these, escalators and moving walks are available both for indoor and outdoor use. Products offered follow EN 81-20 and 115-1 2008+A1 2010.

Metro stations, stadiums, highway overpasses, residential buildings, hospitals, offices, schools, shopping centers and industrial buildings are in the portfolio of our partner.

Both Unique Trade’s and OMSAN's experience over 40 years brings total success, best price-quality performance and service.


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